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Join the Baseball History Podcast announcer as he explores this week in baseball history and a player biography.

TWIBH- Ted Kluszewski
Dictionary- Protect the Runner
Tour- Yale Field

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TWIBH- Orel Hershiser
Dictionary- Arm Fake

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TWIBH- Dave Winfield
Dictionary- They’re Killing the Game
Tour- Rickwood Stadium

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TWIBH- Jim Rice
Dictionary- Announced For
Tour- British Baseball's Final 4

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TWIBH- Red Ruffing
Dictionary- Called Shot

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TWIBH- Jimmy Wynn
Dictionary- Delayed Double Steal


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TWIBH- Robin Yount
Dictionary- Assist
Tour- Shea Stadium

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TWIBH- Maury Wills
Dictionary- Day Night Doubleheader
Tour- Meiji Jingu Stadium

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TWIBH- Gary Cater
Dictionary- Automatic Strike

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