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TWIBH- Babe Herman,
Baseball Dictionary- National League Style,
Las Vegas 51?s

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TWIBH- Rickey Henderson,
Baseball Dictionary- Nail-Biter,
Tour- Salt Lake City Bees

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TWIBH- Luis Aparicio,
Baseball Dictionary- Mendoza Line,
Tour- Buffalo Bison

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TWIBH- Leo Durocher,
Baseball Dictionary- No Decision,
Tour- San Diego Stadium

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TWIBH- Judy Johnson,
Baseball Dictionary- Quick Pitch,
Tour- Hilldale

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TWIBH- Juan Marichal,
Baseball Dictionary- Position Player,
Tour- Griffith Stadium

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TWIBH- Chuck Klein

Baseball Dictionary- Clean Hit

Tour- Cleveland Municiple Stadium

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TWIBH- Babe Ruth,
One Year

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TWIBH- Bill Mazeroski,
Baseball Dictionary- Fair Weather Fan,
Tour- Baker Bowl

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