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Join the Baseball History Podcast announcer as he explores this week in baseball history and a player biography.

TWIBH- Sandy Koufax

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TWIBH- Bill Buckner,
Baseball Dictionary- Infield Chatter,
Tour- Cleveland Buckeyes

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TWIBH- Charles -Chief- Bender,
Baseball Dictionary- Iron Mike,
Tour- Cedar Rapids Kernals

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TWIBH- Reggie Jackson,
Baseball Dictionary- Fall Classic,
Tour- Jacksonville Red Caps

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TWIBH- Gil Hodges,
Baseball Dictionary- Hacker,
Tour- Detroit Stars

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TWIBH- Bob Lemon,
Baseball Dictionary- Knucklecurve,
Tour- Stockton Ports

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TWIBH- Steve Carlton,
Baseball Dictionary- Called Looking,
Tour- Si Simmons

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TWIBH- George Sisler,
Baseball Dictionary- Back Into,
Tour- Erie SeaWolves

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TWIBH- Addie Joss,
Baseball Dictionary- Half Swing,
Tour- Burlington Bees

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