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TWIBH - Mel Stottlemyre, Baseball Dictionary – Fielding Average, Tour - Swing of the Quad Cities

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TWIBH - Hank Greenberg, Baseball Dictionary - Fungo, Tour - Kansas City Monarchs Dae-Han-Min-Kook

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Derek Parks interview about Kirby Puckett


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TWIBH - Kirby Puckett, Baseball Dictionary - Can of Corn, Tour - Kane County Cougars

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TWIBH - Kirk Gibson, Baseball Dictionary - Delayed Steal, Tour - Myrtle Beach Pelicans

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TWIBH - Tony Conigliaro, Baseball Dictionary - Banjo Hitter, Tour - Rancho Cucamongo Quakes

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TWIBH - Stan Musial, Baseball Dictionary - Active List, Tour - Salem Avalanche

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