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Join the Baseball History Podcast announcer as he explores this week in baseball history and a player biography.

TWIBH- Dizzy Dean,
Baseball Dictionary- Gap,
Wichita Wranglers

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TWIBH- Connie Mack,
Baseball Dictionary- Pale Hose, 
Algona Brownies

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TWIBH- Jack Chesbro,
Baseball Dictionary- Jam, 
Lansing Lugnuts

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Show Notes:
TWIBH- Don Larsen,
Baseball Dictionary- Lead, 

Tour- WV Power

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TWIBH- Carl Erskine,
Baseball Dictionary- K, 
LA Coliseum

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TWIBH-Walter Johnson,
Baseball Dictionary-Incentive Clause
Tour-Mud Hens

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TWIBH - Fernando Valenzuela,
Baseball Dictionary - Eephus pitch, 
Tour -
Casino Park  Monroe LA

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TWIBH – Roberto Clemente,
Baseball Dictionary – Hit for the Cycle, 
Tour –
Iowa Cubs

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TWIBH – Tom Seaver,
Baseball Dictionary – Gold Glove, 
Tour –
San Francisco Seals

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