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Join the Baseball History Podcast announcer as he explores this week in baseball history and a player biography.

TWIBH- Pete Incaviglia,
Baseball Dictionary- Simulation,
Tour- Pawtucket Red Sox

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TWIBH- Tommy John,
Baseball Dictionary- Earned Run,
Tour- Great Falls White Sox

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TWIBH- Grover Cleveland Alexander,
Baseball Dictionary- Farm Club,
Tour- Washington Elite Giants

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TWIBH- Carl Yastrzemski,
Baseball Dictionary- Arson Squad,
Tour- Akron Aeros

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TWIBH- Ralph Kiner,
Baseball Dictionary- Junkballer,
Tour- Norfolk Tide

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TWIBH- Eddie Plank,
Baseball Dictionary- Cellar Dweller,
Tour- Philadelphia Giants

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TWIBH- Felipe Alou,
Baseball Dictionary- Hanging Curve,
Tour- Mobile Bay Bears

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TWIBH- Warren Spahn,
Baseball Dictionary- Letter High,
Tour- Corpus Christ Hooks

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