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TWIBH- Moses Fleetwood Walker,
Baseball Dictionary- Official At Bat

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TWIBH- Gaylord Perry,
Baseball Dictionary- Advance Scout
Tour- Jarry Park

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TWIBH- Nellie Fox,
Baseball Dictionary- No Hitter/No Hitter Jinx,
Tour- Bacharach Giants

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TWIBH- Miller Huggins,
Baseball Dictionary- June swoon,
Tour- Candlestick Park

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TWIBH- Mike Schmidt,
Baseball Dictionary- opposite field,
Tour- Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds

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TWIBH- Eddie Cicotte,
Baseball Dictionary- Official Scorer,
Tour- Bowie Baysox

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TWIBH- Billy Williams,
Baseball Dictionary- Pepper,
Tour- High Desert Mavericks

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TWIBH- Don Drysdale,
Baseball Dictionary- Aggressive in the Strike Zone,
Tour- Portland Beavers

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