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Baseball History Podcast

Aug 4, 2007

TWIBH- Darryl Strawberry
Dictionary- Catcher's Interference

almost ten years ago

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Frank La Falce
over thirteen years ago

First time on your site and I gotta say.....fantastic! Loved the bio on Darryl and the way that you present it, very, very interesting and thorough. You may not remember me but you and I chatted in that long line to try and buy HOF memorabilia that Hall of Fame Sunday in Cooperstown. After almost an hour in line you left and shorthly after that I did likewise, about an hour still from the front of the line. Great baseball weekend. I love this site and I\\\'m going to visit every broadcast on it and I will be telling all of my friends about it so that they also can enjoy it. Keep up the great work!