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Baseball History Podcast

Apr 5, 2006

TWIBH – Roberto Clemente,
Baseball Dictionary – Hit for the Cycle, 
Tour –
Iowa Cubs

Marine Engineers Beneficial
over thirteen years ago

Posting a transcripts is a good way to attract more people. I know a lot of them who really admire this.

over thirteen years ago

Very well said, transcripts are really helpful.

over thirteen years ago

I would like to see this happen. I sincerely don\'t think it will be implemented but you might never know. Vitamins

over thirteen years ago

Transcripts show a little bit of professionalism but i am more interested in the quality of the podcast rather the \"accessories\".

almost thirteen years ago

Congrats on the good job and keep em coming!

fourteen and a half years ago

Thanks for the comment. I recently started posting a transcript of the shows at I just have not had a chance to mention it in the shows. I will start doing that in upcoming shows

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over thirteen years ago

I wish this podcast would continue it\\\'s activity for at least 20 years it\\\'s too awesome, really you are doing a great job.

over thirteen years ago

Wonderful podcast, please let us know what\'s happening. I haven\'t heard from you in a while.