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Baseball History Podcast

Dec 17, 2006

Exhibition Game: Wrigley Field

KD Mailes
over sixteen years ago

Just a note to tell you I listen every week in Neosho, Missouri. The show is very professional and interesting. Your style is very pleasant and enjoyable. How about a show on the Boyer brothers (Ken, Clete, and Cloyd, along with their other brothers who played in the minor leagues)? They grew up just up the road from my hometown. By the way, I\'m a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan from the time my third grade classmates and I became obsessed with their successful battle against the despised New York Yankees in the 1964 World Series. Great show, Bob! Keep up the good work.

Mary Ann
over sixteen years ago

One day I hope to visit Wrigley Field. Bill Hartel did an exceptional job on his book. I am lucky to have my own copy. Thank you for reading an exerpt from the book - you did a great job!