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Baseball History Podcast

May 26, 2010

TWIBH- Tony Perez;

Dictionary- Cactus League

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In yet Pandora charms another industry-first for the world leader in artificial turf, FieldTurf has partnered with the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia Dome to develop "FieldTurf Falcon Fill." FieldTurf will use the shoes collected from Falcons fans to create the special infill material for a new field. Bins for rubber-sole shoe drop-offs will be located at all gates prior to Falcons home games.

"This is a Pandora beads unique and fun way for our fans to get involved with providing the materials for the infill for a new FieldTurf surface," said Falcons President Rich McKay. "This is also an environmentally-friendly way for Falcons fans to dispose of their old or worn-out sneakers and running shoes. I'd like to invite our fans to participate in the 'FieldTurf Falcon Fill.'"

"We are thrilled to be able Pandora bracelets to partner with the Atlanta Falcons in order to develop an environmentally sound infill material that is something to which all of the fans can contribute," said FieldTurf President Eric Daliere. "We want to thank Atlanta's fans in advance for their support of our 'FieldTurf Falcon Fill' initiative that allows contributors to truly become part of football history."

The Atlanta Pandora Jewelry Falcons currently play on FieldTurf, with the surface having been installed at the Dome in 2003.

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