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Baseball History Podcast

Mar 2, 2010

TWIBH- Eddie Stanky;

Dictionary- Release Point

Ralph Wegner
almost thirteen years ago


I love BHP and look forward to every new issue. I am somewhat concerned about the new naming scheme though. There are many of us playing \\\"catchup ball\\\", perusing through the archives to reach the (sad) day that we will only be able to listen to one new ogame per week. The new naming scheme of the archives (and I assume the other files) makes it touch for those of us with a small screen MP3 player to discover which edition we are looking at. You actually use the \\\"game number\\\" twice in the filename and it\\\'s location at the beginning of the name will make it hard to differentiate between 2010 game 1 and 2011 game 1. I would suggest one of two \\\"improved\\\" naming methods: a) 1101_BaseballHP__Boog_Powell.mp3 b) BHP_1101__Boog_Powell.mp3 either choice will help us view the names easier and sort better.

I hope to get around to sending a team bio someday, maybe on my favorite team: the suffering O\\\'s.
Keep up the good work!

Ralph Wegner
Strafford, NH