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Baseball History Podcast

Apr 15, 2009

TWIBH- Earl Averill;
Dictionary- Beat a Tag

over twelve years ago

Open Range Pandora charms Fellowship, led by co-pastors Dave Putthoff, 49, and Frank Slaughter, 55, has been going weekly for two years at Ransomed Heart Ranch.

Following Bible study and Pandora beads a potluck dinner Saturday, a praise band with a country beat starts up, summoning people to the service. A large flag is mounted on the wall behind them, and a wooden cross is on the podium in front.

Worshippers are on their feet, moving to the music, clapping, swaying their arms in the air and singing the words that appear on two large screens that also depict horses and country settings.

Slaughter preaches, using analogies most in the audience can relate to: God wants his followers to be so in tune to him that he can direct them with loose reins, Slaughter says. Fearful people hold on with tight reins.

At one point a video Pandora bracelets shows a cowboy riding his horse without any reins. They circle an arena, gallop, come to a sudden stop, make circles and continue on their way.

"That's really Pandora Jewelry how God wants us to be," Slaughter says.

over twelve years ago

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