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Baseball History Podcast

Apr 7, 2009

TWIBH- Moe Drabowsky;
Dictionary- Bag

over thirteen years ago

A school Pandora beads on sale surveillance camera filmed three suspects going through the school. One of the suspects was seen using a ladder to break glass on a door. About six minutes later, a school custodian was seen in the same hallway.

Crime scene investigators took photographs of a shoe print and collected blood from the scene. The suspects used a fire extinguisher to spray a number of rooms in the school. A fingerprint was lifted from the fire extinguisher.
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Officers matched that print to Robinson. The defendant was arrested that afternoon at the Holiday Center. He was wearing shoes, jeans and a sweatshirt that appeared to match the shoes one of the suspects was wearing in the school surveillance video.

A dollar estimate on the damage Pandora bracelets And beads was not available Thursday.

Robinson’s Buy cheap Pandora Jewellery next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 24.

thirteen and a half years ago

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