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Baseball History Podcast

Jun 4, 2006

TWIBH- Casey Stengel,
Baseball Dictionary-
Year Without a World Series,
Charolette Knights

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almost eleven years ago

The podcast is great. Thanks for doing it there aren\'t enough like this.......

over fourteen years ago

Fabulous podcast. I too find the personal player histories fascinating ( vs minor league team hx)
Please remind us who the leader is in a particular category from time to time.You may mention that a given player is third on the all-time list but I need to be reminded of who\'s in the 1 & 2 spot.Keep up the great work.

Bob Wright
over fourteen years ago

Hi Charles,

I did not see your comment until today. I will try to add the information about who is #1, etc. I was keeping it out to keep the length of the show down. Some listeners like the minor league stuff so for now I will be keeping it in. Thanks for the nice comments.

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over thirteen years ago

I always have been a keen fan of baseball, wonderful game !

Adam Darowski
over fourteen years ago

Howdy Bob... I don\'t see an email address anywhere on the site. Just to reply to your question in the podcast... don\'t worry about length at all. I\'m a brand new listener to the podcast this week only. I\'ve listened to just four episodes so far (Nolan Ryan, Tony C, Stan Musial, and Casey). I thought the Ryan one was a great length... but Tony C kept me wanting more. Musial too. Stengel was a good length as well.

Honestly, I\'m more into the player histories than the other segments. Mostly, because it\'s an idea that I had wanted to do. I was thinking of doing an \"audio baseball card\", but your podcast fits the bill quite well. Instead, I\'ve been blogging about baseball with my brother over at

The podcast is great. Thanks for doing it! There aren\'t enough like this. The last thing I need is yet another podcast about how many homers Albert Pujols may hit. Give me Connie Mack and DIzzy Dean.

Believe it or not, I\'m 28. :)

Thanks! Great job!